Terms & Conditions
  Used Vehicles

How I can obtain further vehicle information?


For further information about the vehicle, please request information by email info@seuwagen.com, by phone +376 864 449, or directly at our offices in Avinguda Santa Coloma 85, Edifici Les Closetes, AD500 Andorra la Vella.


Is the vehicle mileage certified?


Mileage is certified in the sales contract signed once the vehicle is delivered. Seuwagen offers historical maintenance of the car.


In which condition vehicles are delivered?


Vehicles which are classified as used vehicles are delivered thoroughly verified at both visual and mechanical levels. They are delivered professionally reconditioned, with the corresponding mechanical revision by time or mileage and the mandatory ITV (official inspection) passed so that the customer does not have to perform any maintenance task.


Can I try a vehicle before buying it?


Of course, you can choose and test the vehicle you want without compromise. It is the best way to check that  Seuwagen has got the best price for the best brands.


What does the price of the vehicle include?


Price includes used car with the guaranteed status as mentioned in the previous section and all taxes. Your Seuwagen sales representative will inform you about the documents you need to provide to change ownership of the vehicle.


Can I deliver to Seuwagen my used car when buying them a car?


We will be happy to take care of your used vehicle. An appraisal is conducted to decide whether the vehicle can be considered as a used vehicle or not If the former, we will take it as part of the payment of your new used car, and if the latter, we will take it to the scrapyard. Please check conditions with our Seuwagen sales team.


Where can I get my used car?


You can withdraw your used car in Seuwagen offices. If you wish the car to be delivered elsewhere, please check the delivery options available.


What formalities do I have to do to collect the vehicle?


Justify the payment and contract the insurance. If you wish, this last step can be done from Seuwagen. Please, ask our sales team.