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A vehicle with its regular services passed and with its body repaired could be considered always a new car. However, this newness does not show if the vehicle is dirty. A clean car, inside and outside, always seems like a new car. Having into account this philosophy and considering the bad weather in the Pyrenees area and the way it affects vehicles, Seuwagen offers their customers enet: an ecological car wash service as well as in depth cleaning service.


In the heart of Andorra, at the parking of the Illa Carlemany shopping centre, enet ecologically cleans your vehicle inside and outside while you shop in our mall with no worries.


Washing inside and outside is done manually by a patented system that only uses 4 litres of water and suitable biodegradable products. All cleaning is done by hand by a trained professional who follows a systematic procedure not to forget any details.


Outside, we clean car body, door frames, tank cover, tires and underside. Insects and dirt adhering to the body without the risk of scratches or dents are also removed. Finally, the body is waxed to enhance their shine and protect the paint. Inside thoroughly we aspire upholstery, rugs and carpets; we remove dust on air vents and dashboard; we clean interior panels, tires, fences and steps and glass doors and mirrors. We do not forget the trunk and perfume discreetly inside cabin.


enet is also specialised, upon request, in in depth cleaning services. Should you wish to get a quote, please bring us the vehicle to our premises for a first evaluation and a quote.


Centre Comercial Illa Carlemany, parking.
Escales – Engordany
Teléfono: +376 866 167